Dive into Summer Fun with Suika Game!

Suika Game invites players to a refreshing summer adventure filled with watermelon-themed challenges and excitement. Dive into a virtual world where the goal is to conquer various watermelon-related games and activities. From seed-spitting contests to carving competitions, players compete in a series of fun and quirky challenges that capture the essence of summer fun.


  1. Watermelon Olympics: Engage in a series of mini-games inspired by everyone's favorite summer fruit. Test your skills in seed-spitting, precision carving, and even watermelon-themed races.

  2. Multiplayer Mayhem: Suika Game is all about sharing the joy of summer with friends. Challenge your buddies to friendly competitions or team up for cooperative gameplay. The more, the merrier!

  3. Customizable Avatars: Personalize your in-game character with a variety of summer-themed outfits, accessories, and watermelon-inspired gear. Stand out in the crowd as you embark on your fruity adventures.

  4. Seasonal Events: Keep the summer vibes going with special seasonal events and updates. Suika Game ensures that the fun never ends, with new challenges and surprises to discover regularly.

In Suika Game, get ready to soak in the summer spirit and enjoy a playful, watermelon-filled gaming experience. It's a virtual getaway that brings the joy of the season right to your fingertips!

How to play

Use mouse

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