What is a Wordle game?

Wordle game is a word guessing game that sets in a 6x5 grid and the goal of the game is to guess words from 4 to 11 letters within 6 tries. Each time you guess, you will receive hints to know if your chosen letters are in the hidden word or not and whether they are in the correct place.

Millions of people around the world now play Wordle games each day. It's a fun and viral challenge. Wordle game has a special place in the hearts of word nerds and language lovers. 

Instructions for playing Wordle game

Game goal: Guess a five-letter word in 6 tries.

To start the game, type any five-letter word then press Enter.

After you enter a word, the color of the tiles will change to show which of your chosen letters are in the final word.

If a letter is in the target word and in the correct place, the tile turns green.

If a letter is in the target word but in the wrong place, the tile turns yellow.

If a letter is not in the target word, the tile turns Gray.

You win the game when you guess the hidden word and all letters turn green!

Note: Letters can be used more than once.

When you complete the Wordle, you can share your journey with friends on social media! The hidden word will be blurred and other people can only see gray, yellow, and green squares.

Wordle Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Playing Wordle game is one of the most fun and relaxing ways to pass the time while challenging your brain. Here are some simple tips to help you play better word games. These tips can help increase your chances of winning!

Select a good Wordle starting word

In the Wordle game, you only have six chances to guess the word. So if you just enter any starting word that comes to your mind, you can't maximize your chances of winning as you only have a few clues about the target word. So start with a word that has at least two vowels and the most common consonants.

Choosing a good start word will give you a better chance to score green and yellow letters as well as help you familiarize yourself with the patterns that develop from those letters.

What is the best Wordle start word?

The best-starting words are:






Think about combinations

If you use combinations cleverly, you can win consistently. In English, there are certain letters that regularly go together while others don't. For example, CH, ER, and ST. These letters are more likely to be next to each other. So you can think about possible forms the word might take.

Position letters

While some letters are likely to be the starting letter, some seem to appear at the end. For example, E is the most common ending letter and S is the most common starting one.

Take your time

Think carefully and take your time when playing the game. There is no time limit on Wordle so don't rush.

Keep Playing Wordle Game

The more you play, the better you'll get at it. So make sure to play often.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different

Wordle game is all about creativity and experimentation. That’s why you'll find that people are coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas for it. Don’t be afraid to mix things up when you play Wordle. Let your imagination run wild and see what happens when you put different words together!

Playing Wordle can be super fun, but it's also easy to get stuck in a rut. Changing up your words can make the game more interesting and keep you coming back for more! Try new words and sets of words. You'll never know what you'll find!

Why is Wordle game so addictive?

Wordle game has just been released recently and it has rapidly become viral over the next few months. If you have spent your time on social media recently, you might notice that people just keep posting green and yellow grids. So what makes this game so popular?

Wordle game is a combination of word game and logic puzzle. It's all about guessing a give-letter word. The game helps activate both the language and logic parts of your brain. Completing the puzzle gives you pleasure.

Another part of the game's success is that it's social media friendly. People can easily share their results and brag about their success. 

Wrapping Up

Wordle game is a great word guessing game to challenge your vocabulary and brain. and you can play it online for free. Once you've played it, you can't keep yourself from coming back for the new puzzle!

How to play

Use mouse

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