IMMACULATE GRID FOOTBALL sounds like an interesting and challenging game that requires knowledge of players, teams, awards, and season statistics in American football. Players need to carefully select individuals who meet the specific criteria for each cell in the grid.

The grid is updated daily at 9:00 am ET, and players have nine guesses to complete the grid. Each guess counts as one attempt, regardless of whether it's correct or not. This means players must strategize and choose their picks wisely to fill out the grid successfully within the given number of guesses.


The rules for selecting players for each cell are as follows:

  1. Player and Team Cell: The player must have played at least one game for the specific team in either the regular season or playoffs.

  2. Team and Award Cell: The player must have won the award during a season in which they appeared for that particular team.

  3. Super Bowl Winners: Players must have appeared in a game for the team (regular season or playoff game) during the Super Bowl-winning season to be eligible.

  4. Team and Season Stat: The player must have achieved the specified stat while playing for the team. If a player was part of multiple teams in a season, the stat must have been accomplished while they were playing for the specific team.

  5. Two Stat/Awards Cells: The player doesn't need to accomplish both stats/awards in the same season. As long as they achieved both at some point in their career, they qualify for that cell.

  6. No Repeated Players: A player cannot be used twice in the grid.

  7. Previous Franchise Names: Previous franchise names will also count. For example, Houston Oilers players will match for the Tennessee Titans, and St. Louis Rams players will match for the Los Angeles Rams.

To win the game, players need to strategically select eligible players who meet these criteria to complete the entire grid within nine guesses. It's a test of knowledge about football history and player achievements, making it a challenging and enjoyable game for football enthusiasts.



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