Popular game where you guess a word by its letters. Find out who's smartest among your pals.

What is Wordle Unlimited?

Wordle Unlimited is a daily word game in which you attempt to guess the hidden word. Try to guess what word is hidden by clicking on letters to make words.

What are the Wordle Unlimited game rules?

Wordle has basic rules. You have 6 guesses. Enter words to obtain hints. Clues are colored squares. A green square indicates the buried word's letter. Yellow square - letter in concealed word, although in a different spot. Gray square doesn't exist.

How to play Wordle Unlimited game?

Guess the concealed word. First, input a word with the chosen number of letters. Word must be actual.
Press Enter on the virtual keyboard after typing. Now note the highlighted color.
If the letter remains gray, it's not in the concealed word. If a letter is yellow, it's in the concealed word but in another cell. If a letter appears green, it's in the cell's secret word.
If a letter is highlighted in yellow or green, it can appear once or multiple times in a word.
On the second line, type and enter. Consider the first round's letter and location information.
Keep typing until you guess the concealed word. After finishing, share the game with friends. Playing is endless.

Wordle Unlimited is the crossword game's unlimited variant. Wordle debuted in 2022. After its release, folks with daily words anticipated the game. One random word is given daily. Not having to wait to guess words is a blessing. We designed a Wordle infinite version so you can play every day.

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