Word Link Puzzle is a challenging game that you can play in your spare time. The objective is to link words together in order to make them as long as possible. You have different types of words: common, uncommon and rare. Letters can be placed next to each other horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You can even link two letters together if they fit nicely next to each other. The game has 4 difficulties which increase the speed of the puzzle and it also keeps track of your most used word and least used word so that you don't get stuck playing the same type of puzzle all the time. When you first start out, we recommend playing on easy difficulty as it will help you build up your vocabulary and keep from getting frustrated when making mistakes early on in the game. Once you complete one level of every difficulty, then you are able to unlock Hard mode for further practice and training at a higher level of challenge. The best part about This game is that once you finish playing through all the puzzles at their respective levels, then there are truly endless ways to solve them because they come with their own unique solutions! This means that no matter how many times you play this game without getting bored of it, it will still be enjoyable every single time because there’s always new things to

Word Link is a word puzzle game. In this game you have to link similar words together to create as many chain words as you can in one minute. You also have time for longer words where you can include more letters and make more combinations. The more words you create, the higher your score will be. If the timer runs out, your score will be calculated based on which words you created. This game is designed for Android users who like word games and puzzles. It’s an amazing new way to play word games with your friends or family! It’s fun, easy and challenging at the same time! Word Link is a simple game that anyone can play. However, each level gets progressively harder. Also, when playing Word Link with others, it helps if everyone knows the same type of word puzzles because different types are not played against each other so much in this game. So let’s learn how to play Word

In this word puzzles game, you will have to link together words in order to make words of a certain length. This is easier said than done, but we are sure that with a little practice you will get the hang of it! Drag and drop letters or use an existing word to create the correct word. Make the minimum number of moves possible by setting up traps for your opponent. Build words vertically and horizontally to catch them off guard with long words! If they say you’re not a real This amazing game player until you can beat the computer, we don’t believe them either! The best part? There are no timers or pressure on you at all. It's just you against the computer until you beat it. Come on, try it out

Word games are the best possible way to keep your brain active. These games help train your brain and keep it active. The word games help improve reaction time, visual perception and hand-eye coordination. They also help you in learning new words and building vocabulary. One of the most played word games is the This game. It requires you to link two words with a common theme or meaning together. There are many different variations of this game, but they all require some degree of thinking and lateral thinking skills. Here, we showcase 25 amazing Word Link Puzzle s that will test your logical thinking and lateral thinking capabilities! Give them a try if you need a mental

Word Link is the new word puzzle game from the makers of Wordscapes and Word Chums. This time you will be solving puzzles based on words rather than letters like in Wordscapes and Word Chums. All the levels are created by a team of puzzle enthusiasts working together to create thoughtful, challenging word puzzles for you! Word Link features hundreds of beautiful original graphics that bring each scene to life. These graphics compliment the relaxing sound track perfectly. You will love playing this game while listening to its background

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