Wheredle is a free, web-based puzzle game with a global focus. The player's aim when playing in Wheredle is to estimate the location and find the strange spot as fast as feasible. However, the player will be restricted to the amount of guesses, so attempt to take use of any hints to discover a lazy answer. Is everything all set? To be sure you never miss a minute, sign up for Wheredle today.


2D visuals with a minimalist but aesthetically pleasing design.
It's a great game, and it has some interesting extras.
There is only a finite amount of time available.
It's easy to figure out how to use the settings.


Participants team up to find the right solution rapidly. To achieve this goal, you must do the following steps:

See if there are any clues in the image that can tell you where to start looking.
Apply what you've learned here to your Google searches and you'll soon find exactly what you need.
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How to play

Using mouse

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