Swifties may be pleased with how well they know Taylor Swift's music, but can they identify a song by Taylor Swift only by listening to the opening few seconds of it? If you believe that you are up to the challenge, then this updated version of Heardle is the game for you. The player of the musical game known as TayHeardle is given six opportunities to correctly identify the title of a Taylor Swift song by listening to only a brief excerpt from the song.

How to play the TayHeardle game?

This new version was inspired by games such as One Direction Heardle, Harry Styles Heardle, and BTS Heardle, which are all quite similar to each other. If you're unfamiliar with how TayHeardle operates, you can think of it as Wordle but with music instead of words. It adheres to the same fundamental guidelines. One second of each song is played at the beginning, and then the player is given six opportunities to identify the song of the day.

After each incorrect guess, you are given the opportunity to listen to another second of the song in an effort to identify it. With each successive attempt, the duration of the clips is increased by one second, first to two seconds (+1), then four seconds (+1), seven seconds (+1), 11 seconds (+1), and eventually 16 seconds (+1).

In this particular iteration, players also have access to a button labelled "Skip." You can eliminate the need to speculate and save yourself some time by skipping through to the next second of the music. Although the clips that are utilised for the game are often taken from the beginning of the song, you are free to select clips from any other part of the song. If your area does not accept SoundCloud singles, then you won't be able to play any of the singles that are included in the game. All of the singles come from SoundCloud.

Simply enter the name of the song into the game's search bar, and it will provide a list of other titles that are similar. As is the case with all other Wordle spin-offs, the game is restarted for each player's time zone at the stroke of midnight each day. You won't be able to determine the next song until the following day, so keep that in mind.

There is a variant of Wordle called Taylordle for people who don't believe they can recognise a song within a minute or two named Taylor Swift fans who want to test their knowledge of Taylor Swift. Every day, swifties are given six opportunities to predict a five-letter word that is presented to them. Find out how much you really know about Taylor Swift by checking out TayHeardle and Taylordle.

How to play

Using mouse

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