Do you like Pokemon? If so, Squirdle is an excellent alternative to Wordle. Similar to Wordle, Squirdle is a Pokémon-themed guessing game. As you might think, Squirtle needs you to predict Pokemon names as opposed to random words. There are eight guessing opportunities.

If you make a bad guess, you'll receive a different type of hint. In lieu of letter positions, it displays similarities between the correct and incorrect Pokemon. These indications differ based on the type, size, and even generation of the Pokemon.

How to play the Squirdle game?

You need not worry about knowing which Pokémon have five-letter names in Squirtle. In contrast, Squirtle asks you to guess a Pokémon based on five criteria: Gen, Type 1, Type 2, Height, and Weight. The PokéBall icons indicate if your estimate is too high, too low, or just right. If you guess Type 2 rather than Type 1, the PokéBall icon will display an arrow to the side.

If Squirtle is the correct generation, but the wrong Pokémon, the generation box will turn green. In the height and weight boxes, up and down arrows indicate if the estimate is too high or too low. Elements have their own set of regulations. Green means that it is present. Yellow indicates that you properly guessed one of two categories, e.g., you correctly guessed Water when the category was Water/Flying. Red indicates that neither is present. There are about 900 Pokémon, so the selection of options is quite extensive. This is difficult if you know nothing about Pokémon. Those who are familiar with Generation 1 can select the Gen 1 Only mode, which restricts the game to Red, Blue, and Yellow Pokémon.

Since this is not a daily puzzle, you are permitted to play whenever you like. However, there is still a daily puzzle for those who wish to achieve the maximum.

If you enjoy Pokémon, it goes without saying that you should give this game a shot. You could even compete with your peers to determine who knows the most about pocket creatures. If Pokémon guessing games aren't your style, there are numerous Wordle clones available. Absurdle, for instance, uses the same premise as Wordle, but makes every attempt to prevent players from guessing the word accurately. In contrast, Sweardle provides four opportunities to predict a four-letter curse word from a list. Enjoy!

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