What is Sedecordle?

This is a word puzzle game in which the player must discover the hidden word. You may say that this game is the most formidable alternative to Wordle. While the objective of Wordle is to identify a word with five important letters and the player is permitted to guess six times, Sedecordle confronts you with discovering 16 unknown 5-letter terms. Players discover that 16 mystery words are not simple, making this game one of the most difficult word puzzles currently available. You have a total of 21 attempts to guess all 16 words. When you type each word and hit Enter, letters in the correct position and answer will be displayed in green; letters in the answer but in the incorrect location will be displayed in yellow; and incorrect letters will be displayed in gray. As the game progresses, you will be limited in your ability to use the available letters.


You can play by going to the following website: sedecordle
How can I play?
- Upon opening the game, there are two options: daily and free. New players can use the free play mode to familiarize themselves with the game's rules and discover strategies for playing more efficiently. If you are familiar with the game, you can select daily mode to play the daily puzzle, which is refreshed everyday.
- You type the letters of the word you think it is, then press the Enter key to see the answer. The hue of the letters will reveal the letter's precise location.
- If the cell becomes green, the letter is in the correct position and part of one of the concealed words. If the cell becomes yellow, the concealed word is present but in the incorrect location. The color of misspelled letters will not change.
For the movie guess:

The M and E are incorrectly placed in the upper left word, while the I is in the correct position.
The O is incorrectly placed in the top-right word, but the M is in the correct position.
- You have 21 attempts to discover 16 mysterious words in order to achieve the game's objective.
- Invalid words will be highlighted in red.
- There will be a list of results after 21 guesses, which you can share if you choose.

How to play

Using mouse

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