Puckdoku is an exciting and challenging game designed for hockey enthusiasts that combines the popular puzzle game Sudoku with the knowledge of NHL players and their achievements. In this unique game, players must strategically select NHL players to fill in the grid based on specific row and column criteria, adding an element of strategy and hockey expertise to the gameplay.

To play "Puckdoku," participants need to consider several key aspects:

  1. Player Eligibility: Only players who have played at least one regular season NHL game for the specified team are eligible for selection. This ensures that the game includes players with genuine NHL experience.

  2. Award/Stat Criteria: Some cells in the grid require players to have recorded specific awards or stats while playing for the indicated team during a particular season. Matching player achievements with the right team and season adds complexity to the game.

  3. Teams Played and Relocations: When teams have relocated, they are treated as a single team for the "Teams Played" category. Player achievements follow the franchise even after relocation, recognizing players' contributions to the team's history.

  4. Team Relocations Back Under the Same Name: If a team has been moved back under the same name, they are not considered the same team for the game. This ensures that players' achievements with distinct teams are acknowledged correctly.

  5. One Player Per Selection: Participants can only use each player once throughout the game to encourage diverse player picks and strategic thinking.

  6. Non-Changeable Guesses: Once a player is chosen and placed in a cell, the selection cannot be changed, adding an element of risk and requiring careful consideration.

  7. Shots and Scoring: Every player pick counts as a shot, regardless of correctness. The goal is to minimize the total shots taken to achieve a lower score.

  8. Uniqueness Calculation: The uniqueness score is calculated based on the percentages of each player's pick and the number of empty cells. A lower final score indicates more unique and skillful player picks.

  9. Daily Games: A new Puckdoku game is available every day, providing fresh challenges and opportunities to showcase hockey knowledge and strategy.

Data for Puckdoku is sourced from Stathead, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the game.

"Puckdoku" promises to be an exciting and engaging experience for hockey fans, allowing them to test their NHL knowledge, strategic thinking, and puzzle-solving skills while enjoying the thrill of the game each day. It's a fantastic way for hockey enthusiasts to stay connected to the sport and challenge themselves in a fun and interactive manner. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of "Puckdoku" and put your hockey expertise to the test!


How to play

Use mouse

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