Introducing My Neighbor Enide 

My Neighbor Enide is a short horror-themed RPG game that immerses players into a world full of mystery and intrigue. In the town of Enide, every corner holds secrets waiting to be discovered, creating a quirky and haunting experience.

Rules of Play:

In My Neighbor Enide, there are no specific rules outlined; players are free to explore and uncover the story and secrets of Enide. The decisions made by the player will influence the game's progression and outcome.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Always proceed with caution and care when exploring the town of Enide, as danger may lurk around every corner.
  • Collect as many clues and leads as possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of Enide's secrets.
  • Utilize intuition and logic to solve puzzles and uncover the truth behind the mysteries.


  • A dramatic and immersive storyline, with eerie music and visuals that create a chilling atmosphere.
  • An interactive environment, with various items and clues to discover.
  • Player choices and actions impact the outcome of the game, leading to multiple endings.

How to Play:

  • Explore the town of Enide by interacting with the surrounding environment and talking to characters.
  • Gather clues and leads to solve puzzles and progress through the story.
  • Make important decisions and face the consequences to achieve the desired outcome.


My Neighbor Enide is a captivating horror game that plunges players into a world filled with mystery and danger. With its gripping storyline and high level of interactivity, the game promises an unforgettable experience. Vigilance and intelligence are key to overcoming challenges and uncovering the dark secrets of Enide.

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