MLB Pickle is a fun and entertaining game for Major League Baseball fans (MLB). Players are chosen at random from a list of MLB players from the United States, similar to how a wordle works. The goal of the game is to correctly guess the names of these players using the hints and cues provided. This game is ideal for baseball fans who enjoy competing with their friends to see who can score the highest and test their sports knowledge. MLB Pickle's intriguing gameplay and thrilling components will keep any MLB fan entertained for hours.

The goal of the Wordle game MLB Pickle is to correctly identify a baseball player in nine tries. The Pickle Game allows you to share your achievement on social media once you've solved the mystery of this intriguing persona. As a result, you will be able to inform your friends!


MLB Pickle is a free word-guessing game that does not require any downloads or installations. In MLB Pickle, you must concentrate entirely on identifying a baseball player from a few clues using a grid method.

Baseball Pickle

This game has grown in popularity due to how simple the gameplay and rules are. You have only nine daily attempts to complete MLB Pickle's challenge.

The name, team, age, league/division, and position of the player must be found. As you make your choices, you'll receive hints from the game. Any column that is green indicates a match. The mystery player has a 2-year age gap, as indicated by the yellow color code in the Age column.

A player is selected at random from a list of MLB players from the United States.

Take a look at the hints: There are hints and cues about the chosen player, such as information about their position, team, stats, and so on.

Determine the name: Use the hints and cues provided to correctly guess the player's name.

Earn points: One point is awarded for each correct estimate. More points are available if you guess the name faster.

It is necessary to repeat: Choose a new player to play with and try to guess their name using the hints provided.

MLB Pickle's specific guidelines and scoring methodology may differ depending on the platform or version you are using. Make sure you understand the rules before starting the game.

How to play

Use mouse

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