Welcome to KinitoPET!

Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with mysteries alongside Kinito, the special virtual assistant from the early 2000s? Get ready to experience a thrilling psychological adventure full of surprises!


KinitoPET is not your ordinary game. It's a psychological horror experience where you'll uncover strange mysteries surrounding Kinito's adaptive technology. However, what makes Kinito special is its exceptional interaction abilities, turning it into a virtual friend and personal assistant like no other.

How to Play:

In KinitoPET, you'll step into the shoes of a main character exploring the mysterious world of Kinito. You'll interact with Kinito through your decisions, and each choice will impact the storyline.

  • Explore eerie environments and uncover the truth about Kinito's adaptive technology.
  • Interact with Kinito through conversations and tasks, and face crucial decisions that can change your fate.

Are you ready to discover the horrifying secrets and challenging trials of KinitoPET? Get ready to start your journey, and remember that every decision could have unforeseen consequences!

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