Immaculate Grid Basketball is an exciting and challenging game for basketball enthusiasts. Players have to carefully select basketball players to fill out the grid based on specific criteria for each cell's row and column.

To reiterate the essential rules and guidelines:

  1. Grid Setup: The grid consists of rows and columns, each with specific criteria. Players must be chosen to match the criteria of both the row and column.

  2. Player Reuse: Players can only be used once. Once a player is assigned to a cell, they cannot be used again in the grid.

  3. Active and Inactive Players: Players from the NBA, ABA, or BAA, both active and inactive, are eligible for selection.

  4. Previous Franchise Names: Players who were part of franchises that changed names still qualify for those franchises. For example, players from the Seattle SuperSonics also match for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

  5. Qualifications For Cells:

    • For player and team cell: The player must have played at least one game for that team in the regular season or playoffs.
    • For team and award cell: The player must have won the award during a season they played for that team.
    • For team and season stat: The player must have recorded the stat while playing for that team during the specified season.
    • For two stat/awards cells: The player doesn't need to accomplish both stats or awards in the same season.
  6. NBA and ABA Finals: To qualify as winning the NBA Finals for a team, a player must have been on the postseason roster during the title-winning season. For the ABA Finals, a player must have appeared in the playoffs during the title-winning season.

  7. Rate Stats: Rate stats (e.g., points, rebounds, assists per game) must qualify for the rate statistic leaderboards.

  8. Guess Limit: Players have a total of nine guesses to complete the grid, and each guess, correct or incorrect, counts as one guess.

  9. Daily Grid Reset: A new grid with different criteria is provided daily at 9:00 am ET.

Enjoy the challenge of "Immaculate Grid Basketball" and have fun selecting players that meet the given criteria each day!


How to play

Use mouse

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