Geoquest is a quiz game for kids and adults where you have to find all the locations of 10 Geo clues in order to advance. The app will start with a tutorial where you will learn easy ways to play the game and better understand how the different types of Geo clues work. Once you've mastered the basics, it's time to start exploring Geo clues. There are over 100 different Geo clues which means there are millions of possible combinations and solutions. We recommend you explore each one of them as they provide varying difficulty levels; some are easier while others are more challenging. You can test your knowledge on different subjects like geography, history, animals etc as well as learn new things at the same

This game is a new game from the makers of Prove It! Test your knowledge on geography, trivia and much more. Test your Geography skills with This one, an awesome quiz game for kids where you have to answer questions about the world. Use the mouse to click answers and move the cursor accordingly. The easier question get you further in the game. Answer quickly to finish as many questions as possible before time runs out. - Over 200 geography questions provided across 20 levels with more coming soon! - Play against the clock or take advantage of unlimited hints to finish as many questions as possible within the set time limits. - Amazing animated 3D graphics, sounds and music provide a fun experience while playing This one and bring it to

Geoquest is an educational game which helps kids to understand geography. This game will teach you about various cities and countries around the world. You will be given various questions regarding a specific country, its capital city and other facts about it. So, take help of this This one Educational Game to learn Geography and improve your geographical

The This amazing game is a quiz game about geography. The main idea of this game is to find the hidden city, country, river and mountain. Each level has its own story and the player must find all objects in the level by using the mouse. The more difficult levels have more questions and harder answers. But in order to beat these levels you should be smarter than

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Controls Use the left mouse button to interact with the map.

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