Furdle is an easy puzzle game with an animal theme. Using only sentences of five letters each, it forces players to expand their vocabulary and train their memory.

You get only five tries to figure out the secret word. This is a task that requires your mental abilities. In this round, words can be no longer than five characters. Colors like olive, lemon, and gray are part of the planned lexicon. The letter will be highlighted in yellow if it is in the intended location and orientation. Any letters that are near to their proper placements but are still lacking will be highlighted in yellow. Rather than using the proper term, for instance "gray," it will most likely be used. Soak up the good times!

You have up to five chances to identify the secret word properly, so you'll have to use your wits. When playing this game, you can only use five-letter words. Colors like gray, yellow, and green are proposed. If the anticipated position and orientation of the letter are correct, it will be highlighted in green. If a letter is there but in the wrong place, the word will be highlighted in yellow. It's inevitable that a misleading term, like "gray," would be employed.

How to play

Using mouse

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