Daniel Anyanwoke came up with the idea for the word game Foodle, which was inspired by Wordle. The most notable difference that can be drawn between Foodle and Wordle is that players of Foodle are tasked with providing responses that are linked to food.

What is Foodle?

Foodle is a daily chef game. Wordle-inspired puzzle game. Foodl allows you copy a sequence of emoji to your clipboard to show how quickly you guessed the daily food.

How to play the Foodle game?

Like Wordle, Foodle starts with each player typing a five-letter word of their choice. But the word has to have something to do with food, or it won't be accepted. Start with salad, sauce, and berry.

If you think of a five-letter food-related word, you can also ask for it to be added to the game's list of words.

After that, players will have six chances to get the daily Foodle word right. Every day, Foodle adds a new answer.

Food-related words are fun to use in Wordle. Foodle helps. It's a word game, but you must use food-related words. It's as difficult as Wordle but more fun.

Wordle is a fun brain-teaser. Foodle adds food-related responses to Wordle. Food-related answers? Foodle tests your food vocabulary.

This take on a classic word game is fun. Free Foodle today!

How to play

Using mouse

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