Flagle is a game that will test your geographical knowledge. The instructions are straightforward: you get six guesses to identify the flag of a random country. Each time you are unsuccessful, you can unveil a new section of the concealed flag. In addition, you will obtain geographical suggestions regarding the location of the target country each time. Can you identify the flag of a random nation within six attempts?

How to play the Flagle game?

1. Enter your first guess

To choose a country from the list, click on the field that is located under the flag that is hidden. Make a second guess about the location of the target country by using clues about its distance and direction from the country that was previously selected.

2. Enter subsequent guesses

You should now enter your following guesses and examine the geographical hints. You may determine how far away the desired country is by looking at the amount of kilometers. The arrow will point in the direction that should be searched in order to find the nation whose flag is concealed.

3. Try to guess the country

You will have a total of six opportunities to identify the correct nation. After each attempt that is not successful, a different section of the flag will be revealed until the whole thing is revealed.

In the fascinating guessing game known as Flagle, which has the subject matter of flags and is based on Wordle, you have to make an attempt to correctly guess the name of the country within a period of six tries. A new Wordle variant known as Flagle operates in a manner analogous to that of Wordle but substitutes national flags for words. The boxes' colors will alter depending on whether or not you correctly guess the name of the flag. The objective of this game is to determine which country's flag each player is representing in the shortest amount of time feasible. The candidates who were successful in naming the nation's flag with the fewest number of guesses were determined to be the winners. Players have the option of playing this game on either their mobile devices or their laptops, whichever provides them with the greater level of convenience. If you appreciate games that push you to your limits, the brand-new online wordle flags game should be entertaining for you to play. Because it includes a daily version, and because it is not difficult to handle Flagle, you can play this game on a daily basis with your close friends and family.

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