Duotrigordle is a more difficult version of Wordle for true word puzzle enthusiasts. Now, rather than guessing a single word, you must discover 32 words with 37 guesses. There will be 32 boards on the screen, but only one word can be typed at a time. You must uncover as many accurate words as possible by deciphering boards block by block and using colored hints. Participate in Duotrigordle and post your best scores online!

How to play the Duotrigordle game?

1. To begin writing the word, start by inputting any letter at random. Make use of the virtual keyboard that can be found at the bottom of the grid. At the same moment, the letter will be displayed for each of the following four words

2. After you have entered in five letters, you should press the "Enter" button. Maintain your momentum in adding words on the board. If you correctly guess all of the words on the board, the board will be locked and you will go on to the next one to continue trying to guess the words.

3. Your level of accuracy will be indicated by the color clues that are given to you. If you discover the letters and set them in the appropriate spaces and you see green tiles, this indicates that you have completed the level successfully. The use of yellow tiles indicates that the appropriate letters have been selected, but they have been improperly positioned. These letters do not appear anywhere else in the word, hence they are represented by gray tiles.

4. You may view all 32 blocks by scrolling down. You have 37 chances to correctly guess as many words as you can. Good luck!

5.After you have finished solving all of the boards, you can post your results online.

How to play

Using mouse

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