Dordle game follows the same rules as Wordle, but you must guess two target words at the same time instead of just one. Use the daily game mode to solve the same words with your friends every day and play Dordle with words ranging in length from four to six letters. Can you find the two words that have been masked in as many tries as possible?

What is Dordle game?

Dordle is an intriguing variation on Wordle that presents players with a dual challenge by doubling the number of grids. As its tagline indicates, Dordle is Double Wordle; it is a near clone of Wordle with twin grids and seven opportunities (in total) to decipher two unknown words.

How to play Dordle

Wordle and Dordle are comparable in terms of playability. The game features two modes: Free Dordle and Daily Dordle. Both daily mode and free play function identically.There is only one difference: players in daily mode use the same word throughout the day instead of a random one. In the free-to-play option, you'll be presented with a slew of puzzles that you can work on whenever you choose.

Enter the first word

You have a total of 7 chances to decipher the 2 hidden words. Simply enter any word that will appear in both the beginning and the end of the game at the same time to begin playing and receive hints.

Find out what letters are in hidden words

Use the letter hints to figure out both of the hidden words. If the letter is in the word but not in the correct place, it will be highlighted in yellow; if the letter is not in the word, it will remain gray. If the letter is correctly guessed and is in the correct place, it will be highlighted in green.

Try to guess all 2 words

To win the game, you need to correctly guess the word that appears in each of the puzzles. After you have finished the game, you will have the option to either save a screenshot of your puzzle or easily share your score on social media.

Tips and tricks

If you are playing the game with calculus, some of your first moves will be able to assist you in filling in valid letters. However, this only relates to one aspect of the game.

Because Dordle applies the same input guessing word to both grids, the response received on each letter varies according to the secret word that lies beneath it. Therefore, the true test of reasoning skills is put to the test when playing Dordle. your argument with a strong emphasis on maintaining self-control.

You shouldn't throw away the information you have about the future. Instead, you should make careful use of them so that each move reveals an important piece of information about the mystery that is contained within each grid cell.

Dordle is a fantastic spin-off of Wordle!

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