Colourdle is largely influenced by the renowned word game Wordle, which is popular in every part of the globe.

The objective of this game is not to guess a secret word, but rather to determine the RGB value of a specific color swatch. You will have six chances to predict the RGB value, and the algorithm will provide hints after each try.

How to play the Colourdle game?

In Colourdle, you must fill nine squares with numbers. The first three squares represent the red value, the next three represent the green value, and the last three represent the blue value.

Note that each RGB value (Red, Green, and Blue) must be between 000 and 255. Besides, your guest must be nine digits long.

The color of each tile will indicate how close your guess is to the correct answer after you've made a guess.

The black color indicates that the selected number(s) are completely inaccurate, whereas the yellow color shows that the selected number(s) are correct but in the erroneous location. Moreover, if any of the tiles are green, you know you've gotten it right!


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