Puzzle games are as old as gaming itself. From the ancient Greeks, who invented the first version of chess, to modern times and the internet age, people have been creating ever more challenging and intricate challenges for one another to solve. This article lists 10 of the best circus word puzzles. Some are easy, some are medium, and some are fiendish – but they’ll all leave you wondering how you ever managed to solve them without a hint. From the classics to the modern day, every puzzle has one thing in common: the player must deduce the hidden words, or clues, within the puzzle in order to solve it. The game requires a lot of lateral thinking and analysis of the clues. The more difficult the puzzle, the more you have to think about

Do you remember playing word-search puzzles as a child? You know, those ones that had big, hard-to-find words hidden in a picture? Well, if you liked those, then you’ll love this game! Circus Words is a word search game with a difference. Instead of hidden words, you have to find words hidden in a picture. It sounds easy, but there are some tricky circus words in this picture! Can you find them

If you love circus, then this game is for you!Circus Words is a logic game in which you have to put the letters in their correct order in sequences of three or more to make example, the word “KISS” has to go before “U” and after fun playing this

A circus has come to town. It’s a big one with lots of tents. What a circus! Kids love circuses. There’s something exciting and new everyday! You should check it out too. Maybe you’ll find something you

Join the Circus and help the clowns entertain the crowd with their magic tricks! The circus is in town and the clowns are eager to put on their

How to play

Controls Drag the left mouse button to connect the letters.

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