Artle is a cerebral puzzle game for serious art enthusiasts. In this game, you must demonstrate your understanding of well-known painters. Your goal is to determine the artist who created the work of art by examining it. You have four chances to respond correctly. The photographs on exhibit are taken from the collection of the National Museum of Art and include various works of art. Artle is the ideal way to relax and advance your artistic knowledge.

Artle is the name of a recently published art-based game. Users can choose from a new game on Artle every day. It was created as a fun way for art lovers to peruse the huge collection at the NGA. While Wordle has attracted the attention of many gamers worldwide, Artle may be a lot of fun for creative and art-loving players. In the daily guessing game known as Artle, participants must choose the artist from four photographs. It took its cue from Wordle.

The rules of Artle

The game, which is similar to Wordle, provides players four chances each day to recognize four distinct works of art from the museum's collection. Generally, the first picture displayed is of a lesser-known or early piece. It gives you four chances to guess correctly before moving on to the next, significantly more well-known work. After four unsuccessful guesses, the name of the artist is displayed if the player still can't guess properly.

Below is a brief overview of Artle's functionality and gameplay:

Each participant is given a piece of art, which may be a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, a drawing, a piece of decorative art, or anything else that may be touched.

Players must write the name of a famous artist in the text box below the image.

After the player enters a name, the precision of their guess will be assessed.

When the assumption is wrong, a red "X" will show up. Another piece of art by the same artist will sporadically surface to direct the gamer in the right direction.
Four times the name of the artist can be recognized. This is one of the biggest gameplay differences between Wordle and Artle because Wordle gives you six chances to properly guess each word.

Gamers will be provided a link to each artist's profile once they correctly guess an artist's name or when they run out of chances to do so. The participants will be introduced to a new artist each day, along with the history of some of their most well-known works.

How to play

Use mouse

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