Poeltl is a smart adaptation of the classic word game wordle with an NBA theme. Poeltl hopes to identify an NBA player within eight guesses. Every twenty-four hours, a new player will be supplied. A skilled player learns as much as possible about each opponent, including their conference, division, position, and age. Get to know as many players and conferences as possible.

How to play the Poeltl game?

- Green indicates a match in any column!
- The color yellow in the team column indicates that the mystery player once played for this team but no longer does so.
- Yellow indicates a partial match between the position column and the position of the mystery player.
- Any additional column that contains the color yellow indicates that the attribute is within 2 (inches, years, or digits) of the player whose identity is unknown.
- If you find yourself in a bind, try the silhouette mode!


How to play

Using mouse

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